Tokiwa's Strength in three keywords

Formulations and Packaging

Our formulation and packaging departments simultaneously work together, allowing us to consistently bring high quality products to market faster.
We have developed numerous revolutionary products such as, low-viscosity lip items using a twist-up mechanism and mechanical pencils that contain multiple colors of pigment.
Tokiwa provides a one-stop service from formula development & packaging through procurement, manufacturing and delivery. Making it easy for our customers to create luxury products all in one place.

Independent Design and Patented Technologies

Since our founding in 1948, Tokiwa has stuck to independent original design for product packages and containers; today, we have over 400 patented technologies.
Our Global Technology Center boasts over 100 individuals hard at work on research and development to bring our next new revolutionary product into the world while elevating the customer experience.

Custom Manufacturing Technology

At Tokiwa we develop our own production equipment in-house to meet customer's needs.
Whether it's proposals for formulations and packaging we have already developed or complex customizations, our equipment can handle mass production for even the most intricate finishing processes.
Our products are manufactured with an eye on efficiency to ensure perfection with every step, helping us bring your vision and innovation to life.

World-Class Standards of Quality

Tokiwa uses it's own strict in-house quality inspection standards, as well as a production management system that conforms to good manufacturing practices.
We create world-class standards that are put into every one of our products, ensuring that numerous prestige brands can maintain their customer's trust and satisfaction globally.

Trustworthy Services

In addition to being a one-stop solution company, our production management is built on strict operational quality standards.
These same standards help our packaging facilities and suppliers to communicate, ensuring that our customers get their products on time, with service they can rely on.
Applying the same standards to our packaging facilities and suppliers, we ensure that our customers get their products on time, with service they can rely on.

Global Production Built on Tokiwa Quality

Tokiwa Quality can be found not only in Japan, but also at our production bases in the US, China, and the Philippines, where we maintain our strict standards for production, quality management and manufacturing equipment.
In order for us to consistently bring high quality and reliability to customers around the world, we have acquired licenses of China and an FDA FEI number in the US.
These licenses are in addition to our Japanese manufacturing and marketing licenses for quasi-drugs and cosmetics.

Tokiwa Corporation
Cosmetics manufacture and sales, Unregulated Drug manufacturing and sales
Nakatsugawa Factory
Cosmetics manufacturing license (General), Unregulated drug manufacturing licence (General), ISO9001
Ochiai Factory
Cosmetics manufacturing license (General), Unregulated drug manufacturing license (General), ISO14001
Cosmetics manufacturing license (General), ISO45001
Toki Factory
Cosmetics manufacturing license (General)
Komanba Factory
Cosmetics manufacturing license (General)
Kunshan Tokiwa Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Cosmetics production license, ISO22716(Certification), GMPC (Certification), ISO9001, ISO14001

The Tokiwa Sustainable Beauty Philosophy

Tokiwa's approach to sustainable beauty is to take initiatives to contribute to solve sustable and human friendly and environmentally and social challenges.
Tokiwa Corporation, OEM/ODM manufacturer, organizes project team for creating people and earth friendly products to implement ESG conscious management and promotes research and development.
We will contribute to realize sustainable society through expanding our business focusing on sustainable corporate management.

Formulations (Clean & Green)

We are expanding our proprietary formulations based on our clean beauty ingredient list, used by leading European and American retailers.
We continue to develop high-quality, and high-performance products with both clean formulations gentle on the human body and green formulations gentle on ecosystems, with the goal of becoming a true leader in the CLEAN BEAUTY field.

Packages (Clean & Green)

Our packaging designs and material procurement are developed by us using new materials that are eco-friendly and gentle on ecosystems. We promote the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), as part of our efforts to help bring about a sustainable society.