Pencil / Liquid / Gel

We have a wide selection from pencil types to
liquid types, including a high adhesion, super vivid,
and long lasting gel eyeliner.
We offer these high quality eyeliner solutions paired
with our original packaging.
Choose from different applicator tips, and combinations
between pencils and liquids to create a completely
customized product suited to your specific needs.

Pencil / Liquid / Gel / Powder / Eyebrow Mascara

We offer numerous lead shapes and lead sizes,
pencil and powder types, and various dosages paired
with the best suited original packaging.
We will help you create an all-in-one product,
by combining 2 and 3 functions into 1 package.

Powder / Gel / Cream

Vivid colors with sensational touch and performance.
Our professional and technically trained formulators
will assist you in creating the perfect eye shadow
that is just right for you.

Mascara / Color Mascara

Choose from our endless choice of W/O,
O/W and Wax formulas and we will pair it
the ideal brush to get the lengthening, volumizing
or separating effect you are looking for.

Powder / Gel / Cream / Liquid

From pressed powders to loose powders,
from liquid types to cream types,
we carry the widest range of formulas
so that we can transform your concept into
the perfect product.

Lip Products
Stick / Liquid / Gloss / Lip Liner

We offer a wide range of bullet shaped and straight type
lipsticks, in addition to innovative concepts such as
a lip stick that melts on your lips like an Italian Gelato.
Plus, we can add your favorite designs to the decoration
to create a products that are truly 'yours'.

Face Products
Powder FD / Liquid FD / Cream FD
Powder / Foundation / Concealer

We provide a wide range of formulas that include
wet pressed powders and dry pressed powders
which can customize to your specific needs.
Create beautiful surface designs using our
innovative technology to create
the image that you desire.

Skin Care & Hair Care
Cleansing / Toning Lotion / Emulsion / Serum / Cream / Sun Screen/ Hair Color

All of our Skin Care products are specially formulated,
produced and filled in our new clean rooms,
to assure 100% purity.
Recently we have begun to offer superior hair coloring
formulations and products, which are dispensed
and applied using our originally designed and
patented packaging.

Dial Pens
1.8ml(LPA) / 4ml(LPE) / 9ml(LPD)

Originally designed and patented by Tokiwa,
these pens work effortlessly with a simple twist of
the dial, to dispense a precise amount of product.
We offer a wide range of applicator tips,
each specifically designed and suited to
perform a unique application of formula.

Powder Variation
Eye Color / Cheek / Face Color

Capture your customers imagination with
our endless array of vivid colored powders
each with different types of decorations
and customized to your needs.

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