Tokiwa Group Human Rights Policy

At the Tokiwa Group, our mission is to bring beauty, excitement, and joy to people around the world. Based on this, we strive to help solve social problems, by manufacturing environmentally conscious products using cutting-edge technologies.
In light of international human rights standards, we are fully aware that we must have respect for the human rights of all of the people who may be affected in the course of our ongoing business activities, and we put our efforts into ensuring that these people’s dignity is protected.

1. Respect for Human Rights
All directors and employees of the Tokiwa Cosmetics Group and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as “we”) are committed to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society by respecting human rights in all aspects of our corporate activities.

2. Scope
In accordance with international human rights principles, we strive to ensure that we do not engage in discrimination or human rights violations in any of our products, services, and business activities, and we also request our suppliers, business partners, and others to respect and not infringe on human rights, in accordance with these principles.

3. Prohibition of Forced Labor, Human Trafficking, and Child Labor
We prohibit all forms of forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor, and we work to correct or eradicate labor practices that violate human rights.

4. Respect for Diversity
We respect the diversity of the people we work with, and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, disease, and so on. We will always provide equal opportunities, and recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation, and promotion will be appropriately conducted based on the individual’s abilities, experience, and performance.

5. Maintaining the Safety and Health of Employees
We will provide a work environment with consideration for safety and hygiene, while also complying with laws and ordinances, regulations, and internal rules related to safety and health, and work to maintain them by taking appropriate measures to address health risks.

6. Employee Benefits and Wages
We are committed to complying with applicable laws and ordinances regarding wages, hours of work, overtime hours, and employee benefits. In addition, we will go beyond compliance with laws and ordinances, and work to reduce excessive working hours and provide our employees with compensation that exceeds a living wage and is competitive in comparison with local and industry labor markets.

7. Freedom of Expression and Protection of Privacy
We are also aware of the need to protect freedom of expression and privacy in our communications, on the Internet, and in social media, and we will take the utmost care to ensure that these rights are not infringed. In addition, we will treat all our customers fairly and impartially, while providing safe and highly convenient services.

8. Respect for Freedom of Association and Exercising the Right to Collective Bargaining
We respect the right of individual employees to form a labor union based on their own personal intentions, as well as the right to choose whether to participate or not, and we accept the effective exercise of the right to collective bargaining. We will negotiate in good faith through constructive dialogue with its representatives.

9. Initiatives and Systems for Respecting Human Rights
We will create a system of effective countermeasures by establishing an appropriate point of contact for reporting to prevent human rights violations from occurring. We will carry out human rights due diligence to assess the impact of our business activities on human rights, and will continuously monitor this impact and report to the appropriate people concerned. Moreover, in the unlikely event that an adverse impact on human rights arises through our business activities, we will take appropriate action by providing fair and impartial remedies to resolve the issue.

10. Communication
The Management Committee, which includes the President and CEO, is responsible for promoting this Policy. It aims to ensure that this Policy penetrates to all officers, employees, and external stakeholders, and works to actively promote human rights awareness activities.

Hitomi Hibino, President and CEO
Tokiwa Corporation

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