Chapter:One Where there is Innovation, There is Growth

Naoyuki Soga (CEO) Kenny Soga (Domestic Sales Division)

Today, we are here at the Rakusuitei Museum in Toyama. What do you think of this place?

Kenny Being here in this Japanese garden, it really has a unique and special feeling, it is so beautiful. The trees are really overflowing with green and I feel so tranquil. I think this is what it means when we say that beauty inspires emotion and joy. I have a feeling that it connects with Tokiwa's philosophies as well.

Soga Yes, you're right, it is beautiful. And it's nice to look at the trees from afar, but it's when you examine each little leaf closely that you realize there is “something more”. Each little leaf is filled with green energy, and they feed the branches, and the trunk to turn the whole into a magnificent tree. This is the same at Tokiwa, where each and every one of our workers are full of spirit and vigor. When they are gathered together, Tokiwa can grow, and become a splendid company.
It may be a small thing, but by continuing to innovate every day, we can create original beauty products that other companies can't copy. When our products are used around the world, it leads to an increase of emotion and joy around the world.

It has been 70 years since Tokiwa's start, what is the secret to Tokiwa's growth?

Soga Sustainable Innovation. To innovate every day, that's all there is to it. Companies must continue to challenge something new, and make that their own and produce something from it. That's why we must always challenge, challenge, challenge. In our lives we must challenge as well. Where you have curiosity, that is where your life path will be, at least that's what I think. With this at our core, we must be established as a person and constantly have feelings of gratitude. That is the reason for Tokiwa's growth.

Kenny I agree, in order to Sustainably Innovate we must always be thinking progressively and challenge something new, and most importantly to do something.

Soga That's correct. To want to try and do something, that mindset is the most important thing. Not just thinking about something, but to act. If you fail, learn from it, and use what you learned next time. Tokiwa started by manufacturing pencil slats. From there we have entered many industries according to the needs at the time, and now we are mainly a cosmetics company. We will continue to enter many different fields.

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