Tokiwa's 3 key values

Sustainable Innovation

Since our founding, Tokiwa has never feared change.
Evolving from a pencil slat manufacturer to a contract
manufacturer for cosmetics, we have continued
to build upon incremental innovations.
With the motto of Sustainable Innovation,
we continue to develop new products that
turn our customer's confidence into trust.
Our wish is to create a new future together
with our customers.
This is the Tokiwa Way.

Global Leading OEM Company

Our business connects the three major hubs in the world,
North America, Europe, and Asia, with Japan.
We stay up to date with the latest trends and update
our products to match the changing needs in the world.
As a global company, it is our responsibility to procure raw
materials that are friendly to our planet and to utilize the
latest technology to ensure safe manufacturing practices
for our employees, and our customers.
We believe in “Monozukuri” that is friendly to the planet,
and transforms our client's dreams into a reality.
This is the Tokiwa Way.

Beauty, Emotions, and Joy

At Tokiwa, it is our mission to create
“Beauty, Emotions, and Joy” in the world.
Through the products that we manufacture,
we hope to spread beauty to all people
regardless of country and race.
Beauty, in its many forms, moves the soul.
Emotions such as gratitude and wonder then
lead to a Joy for life.
We believe that through the 3 experiences of
“Beauty, Emotions, and Joy” we can spread
happiness throughout the world.
With this mission in mind, we continue to
develop products that will be loved by our customers.
This is the Tokiwa Way.

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